Garlic Expressions® salad dressing and marinade is a truly unique, 100% natural product produced by LarMar Foods Inc. since the Spring of 1993. We produce one product, in one size, at one plant, in Perrysburg, Ohio. Unlike most mass produced commercial salad dressings and marinades, Garlic Expressions® takes special pride in its unique quality obtained from a number of necessary hands-on steps during its production.

We acquire the highest quality fresh garlic from the prime growing areas of California, Mexico, and South America. Initially, each clove of garlic needs to be sorted, sized and qualified to ensure the premium quality required. This process enables us to develop and retain a subtle, yet full-flavored fresh garlic taste that does not tend to overwhelm the other ingredients. Nearly all other similar dressings use a dried, dehydrated or pre-manufactured garlic. We've chosen the more difficult method. Only then can we fill each bottle in four distinct stages. If not unheard of, it certainly is uncommon for anyone to go to these lengths in bottling a salad dressing. However, we have found our efforts to have been appreciated and our growth as a company, steady and significant.

We buy cider vinegar from a supplier in Northern Ontario, Canada. The apples from which the cider vinegar is made are the Northern Spy variety. They are grown on the northern shores of the Georgian Bay.

The canola oil we use is fresh pressed here in the midwest U.S.A. and shipped directly to our plant. Finally, the other natural ingredients are carefully blended to create what we consider to be a superior quality salad dressing and marinade.

There are other notable features that distinguish this product. It is cholesterol and trans fat free and contains half the calories of traditional dressings. Because it is naturally full-flavored, smaller applications still satisfy.

Of late, the health benefits of fresh garlic and cider vinegar are repeatedly touted in the popular press, as well as in health food magazines and medical journals. Obviously we feel this product offers much to the consumer in the way of taste, quality, and a variety of applications .